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CAT375 30m demolition boom

  • Excavator model: CAT Pillar 375
  • Total length: 30000 mm
  • Boom length: 10000 +9000 mm
  • Middle length: 2500 mm
  • Stick length: 8500 mm
  • Max reach height: 31000 mm
  • Max weight of attachments: 3000 kg
  • Counter weight: 9 ton
  • Warranty: 6 months
High reach demolition boom is very popular in demolishing work.It have high work range,can demolish high buildings directly,also keep the excavator and operator long distance away from the buildings,supply safty guard for demolition work.
We can customizing all kinds of demolition boom for all kinds of excavators.
For Cat375 excavator,we have detailed dimension.
Our factory have follow advantages in demolition boom:
1. All kind of material is optional in customizing the demolition boom,such as Q345B,Q420D,Q690D,Weldox700,Weldox900 etc.When select the material of the long boom,according to the boom length,excavator size,attachment self-weight etc,we will select the right material.
2. We will supply all the pipeline according to customer’s requirements.
3..We will issue the drawing and working diagram for your review  before you place the order.

4. Some cylinders can use the original cylinder to save cost
 - Middle boom cylinder (Cylinder-1) can useoriginal stick cylinder to save cost.(As customer requirements,we also canprepare this cylinder ourselves.) 
- Stick cylinder (Cylinder-2) can use originalbucket cylinder to save cost.(As customer requirements,we also can prepare thiscylinder ourselves.) 
- Bucket cylinder (Cylinder-3):we will preparebucket cylinder

 5. We supply Linkage,hydraulicpipes,lubricant pipes,pins,hoses,etc 
- For hydraulic pipes,we will prepare 2 kit extrapipes for attachments.And for the 2 kit extra pipes,we will  prepare stop valve,so it's convenient forassembling and dismantling attachments.
- We will also prepare 1 kit water spray pipe for the Demolition boom,it's convenient for reduing dust in demolition.
-If necessary,we also can prepare video camera for the demolition boom

6.We will supply counter weight.

7.For this CAT375 high reach demolition boom,because the boom is too long,so we use joint design (10000mm+9000mm),it's convenient for shippment and transporting.
5  6

8.Because CAT375 boom's base is branch base.We have related casted base mold.
casted base for long boom

Specification of our series High reach boom:
Model SDB200 SDB250 SDB300 SDB350 SDB400 SDB450
Total length (mm) 15000 16000 18000 21000 24000 26000
Weight(kg) 4600 5000 6000 7500 9000 10000
Max reach height(mm) 15500 16800 18800 21800 25000 27200
Folding height(mm) 3100 3160 3290 3290 3420 3420
Max weight of Crusher(kg) 1500 2000 2000 2000 2200 2200
Excavator tonnage(ton) 20 25 30 35 40 45




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