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FAQ of Excavator long reach and attachments

  • Q If I need a long reach boom for my excavator,what details should I supply?

    A we have detailed dimension of most excavator models,so usually do not need you supply the detailed dimension of your excavator.
    You should supply us follow detail:
    -Purpose of the long boom.(Such as dredging river,port construction,etc)
    -The main parameter you required.(Such as the Max reach height,Max dig depth,etc)
    -your excavator model.Such as Komatsu PC200-8LC,CAT330D,Hitachi ZX200-5,etc
    We will give you our advice after get above informations.
  • Q Could you tell me details of the Max reach height of your demolition boom?

    A Our demolition boom max reach height is from the ground level to the final attachments joint.
    But the attachments(breaker,crusher,pulveriser) also have self-height.So according different excavator model,the max reach height should add 1.5~2.8 meter.

FAQ of Warehouse equipments

  • Q Can the mobile ramp's dimension be customized?

    A Yes, the dimension for every part of the mobile ramp can be customized.Anyway, we will consider your actual situation before we customize for you since the design for all of our models have been well-thought considering the container's width,floor height and so on.
  • Q How to choose a right dock leveler

    It depends on four factors:
    1. the height of the dock .
    2. the maximum and minimum box floor height of the trucks that will be loaded/unloaded through the dock leveler.
    3. the maximum width of the trucks that will be loaded/unloaded through the dock leveler.
    4. the maximum toal weight of one loading/unloading. Total weight include the weight of the forklift and weight of goods.
  • Q What is static capacity and dynamic capacity for the dock leveler?

    Static capacity mean the weight that dock leveler bear in stored position(not working).
    Dynamic capacity means the weight that dock leveler can bear when its in working status.
    Usually, dynamic capacity is 70% of static capacity. For example, if the static capacity of a dock leveler is 10ton, then the dynamic capacity of this dock leveler is 7 ton.
  • Q Where the air-bag dock leveler is usually used?


    Air-bag dock leveler is usually used on occassion that is very demanding on  hygiene because hydraulic dock leveler may contaminate the surrounding envionment due to the oil issue .For example, foodstuff factory usually use air-bag dock leveler.

  • Q What is a standard pit for dock leveler?

    Standard pit for dock leveler should be :
    1. the front side should be 5mm deeper than the rear side for the discharge of rainwater.
    2. the bottom of the pit should be flat.
    3. the two diagonal lines of the pit  should be equal in length.
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