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Vertical dock leveler

  • Width: 1800 mm
  • Length: 1200~2500 mm
  • Operation: Only manual/Manual+Electric
  • Main deck: 8 mm plate + 12# H-beam
  • LIp board: 15 mm plate
  • Cylinders: 1pcs cylinder
  • Bumpers: Do not need
  • Warranty: 1 year for all,3 years for steel structure
Modern warehouse always have dock. However, usually there is gap between dock and truck(container, or trailer) box floor in height direction. So loading equipment can not go in and out of truck(container or trailer) directly. Dock leveler is just designed to overcome the above problem.

We have 10 years experience in customizing all kinds  of Hydraulic dock levelers for customers.

In some wearhouse,usually do not have enough space for pit,so can not use standard docklevler.At this case,usually use EOD dockleveler,small EOD dockleveler,work range too small (usually +/-100mm),Our company design a large work range EOD dockleveler for customers.

Details of This larger workrange EOD dockleveler as follow:

1. Have one cylinder,driven by manual hydraulic pump,do not need electric source.

2. Manualy hydraulic pump is Italy"Hydr-app",very light in operating.

3. If you need,we also can install a electric pump for the dockleveler

4. this dockleveler do not have bumpers.

5. Capacity is 6 ton,we also can customize 10 ton vertical EOD dockleveler.But if dynamic capacity over 10 ton,do not advise use this kind of dockleveler.

Specification of our series standard dockleveler:

Equipment Specification
Pit Dimension
Capacity Adjust range Lip board
6*6 1830*1830*490 1870*1680*500 10~25T
10T is standard
+300mm/-300mm 1830*400*15
6.5*6 1980*1830*490 2020*1680*500 1980*400*15
7*6 2130*1830*490 2170*1680*500 2130*400*15
6*8 1830*2440*490(590) 1870*2280*500(600) 1830*400*15
6.5*8 1980*2440*490(590) 2020*2280*500(600) 1980*400*15
7*8 2130*2440*490(590) 2170*2280*500(600) 2130*400*15
6*10 1830*3050*490(590) 1870*2880*500(600) +400mm/-300mm
If the height is 590mm:
6.5*10 1980*3050*490(590) 2020*2880*500(600) 1980*400*15
7*10 2130*3050*490(590) 2170*2880*500(600) 2130*400*15

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