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Special joint Hyundai R220 orange peel grab

  • YYZ200-R220
  • Excavator model: Hyundai R220
  • Max Open: 1830 mm
  • Self weight: 1080 kg
  • Closed volume: 0.59 cum
  • Claw No.: 5 pcs
  • Cylinder No.: 5 pcs
  • Material: Q345B+Hardox400
  • Rotate: As required
  • Warranty: 6 months

Hydraulic orange peel scrap grab also called scrap grab,it’s a high efficient equipment tohandle steel scrap,iron,metal scrap,mineral,rubbish or other irregular massive material,it’s very popular in recycling company.According to related excavator tonnage,usually have 2~6pcs claws.

Scrap Grab made up from follow main parts:base,claws,cylinders and other parts.

Our Scrap Grab have follow advantages:

1. Base and main material of claws is Q345B,claw tine is Hardox400.

2. It's easy for installation,it’s do not need extra pipe line,it can be connect to the pipe line of bucket cylinders.

3. Our grab have special design,all claws can open and closed at same time,do not out of sync.

4. Main base have covers,each cylinder piston also have protection cover.

5. We will supply steel pipe for connection to bucket cylinder hose joint.
Scrap grab-5

6. Claw is reinforced welding,higher performance for struture.

7. If you need rotate function,we also can customize for you.

8.This 6 pcs Hyundai R220 scrap grab was export to Middle east,it had special joint to connect to excvators.
Tha joint can make the grab can swing both front/back and left/right in operatiing.

Specification of our series products:

Model YYZ100 YYZ150 YYZ200 YYZ250 YYZ300
570 820 1080 1320 1450
Max Open
1400 1560 1830 2000 2200
0.31 0.43 0.59 0.90 1.20
Self height(mm) 1470 1650 1780 2030 2170
Claw NO.
4 4 5 5 5
10~12 13~15 16~23 24~27 28~33



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