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CAT375 Demolition boom pulveriser

  • YYJ300-CAT375

  • Excavator: CAT375 30m demolition boom
  • Self weight: 2200 kg
  • Max Open: 980 mm
  • Max cutting force: 2250 KN
  • Rotation: 360 degree
  • Oil flow for cutting: 190~260 L/Min
  • Oil flow for rotating: 20 L/Min
  • Body material: Hardox450
  • Jaw material : Hardox450
  • blade: 2pcs 4-side blade
Application of this demolition crusher / pulveriser:
- Customer is demoliton company in South Africa
- We customize this pulversor together with a 30 meter demolition for customer's CAT375 excavator.

Hydraulic demolition shears also called demolition crusher,multi-processor,pulveriser,etc.It’s composed with main body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw .The external hydraulic system 
offer hydraulic pressure for the hydraulic cylinder to make the two movable jaws open and close to achieve the effect of crushing concreted walls
1. Mainly function is for both primary and secondary demolition work.
2. It’s low noise, no vibration, meet the requirements of environmental protection, which are Suitable for city and high-tech zone demolition project.
Our advantages:
1. Our demolition shear,both the main-body and jaws are made from  hardox450.
2.We use boring machine adjust the precision after welding,to avoid the big tolerance leaded by welding 
3.The 2pcs jaws is made from 50mm thick hardox450 steel,much more longer life than cast jaw.
4.The blade of this demolition shear,can cut 30mm-diameter steel rod,can cut 20mm-thick steel sheet.
5. Blade is 2pcs 4-side blade,so have a much more longer life
6. Hydraulic oil cylinder is equipped with a protective cover to obstruct the splash of 
concrete and steel debris
7.The grease injection nipples have cover protected,won’t be damaged in rough 
  demolition work
9.We have test this products many years,it’s high performance,durable,convenient to operate, it’s a proven technology.

Specification of our series products:
Model HD-YYJ150 HD-YYJ200 HD-YYJ300
Excavator tonnage(ton) 20~22 22~30 30~36
Self weight (KG) 1550 2200 2800
Max Open(mm) 820 980 1120
Max cutting force(KN) 1850 2250 2400
Max cutting pressure(M Pa) 32 32 32
Cutting flow(L/min) 160~230 190~260 200~300
Rotate function 360 degree 360 degree 360 degree
Rotate flow(L/min) 20 20 20

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